Pelvic Floor and how we can help!


Dysfunctions to look out for & how to fix it


Chronic pressure can lead to hypertonicity-where at rest the muscles stay very tight. If you are extremely stressed you can be prone to a hypertonic pelvic floor as well. We can improve this dysfunction by getting adjusted specifically a pelvis, hip, pubic symphysis (as needed) plus relaxing the round ligament and psoas muscle.
If you think your pelvic floor is under-active, you can see that you might leak or feel like you can’t turn on your lower abdomen. For women that had a long pushing phase during labor you can fall into this category. We would want to evaluate your hip position, range of motion in your hips, and realign the brain-body connection.
Ways to relax the pelvic floor: 
-Breath work
-Diaphragm work
-Wide legged child’s pose
-Pelvic floor ball release
-Happy Baby
-Door squat
fitness program