A: Yes absolutely! You can be under chiropractic care all through your pregnancy. Once your baby is born, they can receive an adjustment. The difference from how an adult gets adjusted versus a baby is the pressure and technique. When we adjust a baby, we use the tip of our index finger and apply the amount of pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. The bones are so tiny that the smallest amount of pressure can realign them.
A: We are currently out of network, however, we can print off a superbill and give it to you to submit to your insurance company. A superbill provides the billing and diagnosis codes that the insurance company needs, and they put the total towards your deductible.
A: Ultimately it is up to you. Chiropractic care is a type of preventative care. We have a road to recovery when we figure out the issue, we use adjustments, soft tissue work, and exercises to get your body functioning at its optimal level. At the point of when no more pain comes a very important decision comes into play. If you decide to stop treatment at this point, you are more likely to re-injure the area and we are then back at square one when you come back in. If you decide to continue with treatment, which you would become a wellness patient being seen once a month, you are more likely to stay out of pain and improve your overall health. We always say to patients if you are going to the gym to get fit and healthy, do you stop going to the gym when you finally feel strong and fit? Usually the answer is no! So that is how we hope you perceive chiropractic care!
A: Prior to coming in for your new patient exam, you will fill out our intake form via email. This allows us to take a look at your health history and chief complaint ahead of your visit, so we can jump right into helping you. At the first visit, we go over your intake form, gather more information, and talk about your health goals. We then perform a functional movement screening because we like to evaluate how the body is moving as a whole-from head to toe. This gives us an idea of what areas are tight and weak, and how we can get them functioning at their optimal level. We perform neurological and orthopedic exams as well as go over x-rays or reports you brought to the appointment. After we conclude our exam, we go over our findings with you and discuss our anticipated care plan. If we do not see any red flags or require any further imaging, we can adjust the same day.
A: If you aren't comfortable with the manual technique, we can do activator or use a drop headpiece. Both techniques do the same thing, which is help realign your neck without the rotation.